Terra fra gusti e sapori

Corno di Rosazzo has an ancient history. This charming little town lying on the slopes of Friuli’s eastern hills off ers visitors a rich assortment of activities: from the nature of the Bosco Romagno, Noax and Monte San Biagio, to areas rich in fossils, architectural and cultural sites, and the tasting of winnow and gastronomic specialities off ered by producers who, with knowledge and love, relate the history of their products.

The development of handicrafts and industry, linked to the production of wood in the chain sector, harmoniously unites with the agricultural vocation that has made wine the region’s true pièce de resistance with its vintage varieties, such as Tocai Friulano, Ribolla Gialla, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Verduzzo Friulano and the much sought-after Picolit, that expresses rich sensation in these lands.

These few features suffice to understand the vocation that has made Corno di Rosazzo the world’s fi rst “wine commune” with every street in the town named after a friulan, national or international Wine or vine. Diffi cult to squeeze all there is to say into just a few lines. An anything but hurried visit or stopover is the only way to suitably appreciate the delicious off erings of this land and its unique people with their Bed & Breakfast and farmhouse accommodation.